Winning those tenders!

I was speaking to a government procurement manager at a recent ‘Meet the Buyer’ session (hosted by SA Government’s Office of the Industry Advocate-you should check them out if not already done so!) who lamented about the number of companies who submit tenders for what they hoped was going to be lucrative contracts, yet often responses had to be discounted because they had failed to address the basic requirements of the Department’s Request for Tender (RFT). An example was one ‘trade contract’ tenderer who simply submitted the price, and then requested that all other information be sourced from their website! It’s all about understanding what the customer wants You simply can’t expect your p

ISO 9001 Changes are Coming!

All ISO standards are revised every 5 years to keep these current and relevant. The ISO 9001 standard was first published in 1987. Since then it is revised every 6 to 8 years. The current version of the ISO 9001 is 2008. The next changes to the Quality System Standard ISO 9001 are due for final release in the second half of this year, with these changes being seen as more revolutionary than previous updates. Some of the important differences in the new edition will witness an updated structure to the standard, allowing a more seamless integration with other standards, such as ISO 14001 (environmental management systems). Changes to the Standard Some of the proposed changes are as follows, an

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