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Productivity and Operational Improvements

You can't manage Productivity if you don't measure it!

Building a sustainable business in the global market means matching and improving on the performance of the world's best.  Best practice organisations recognise the need to develop effective measurement systems to assess their competitive position, manage their own product-service processes, and drive continuous improvement.

These organisations have found that a measurement system is most effective when it has been customised to the organisation's needs and provides feedback on performance to all employees.

EQAS can help develop qualitative and quantitative indicators that can be used covering areas such as customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, cost, quality, timelines, waste, errors, productivity, output, and financial performance.

Benchmark your performance to improve productivity and competitiveness

Benchmarking, which is an objective, ongoing search for best practices and processes, is an essential tool that EQAS uses with any organisation committed to achieving world class standards of performance. 

Those organisations which most successfully use benchmarking have a systematic process which is integrated with other initiatives to improve productivity and competitiveness.  Essential features of such a process include; involving employees at all levels; identifying, understanding and benchmarking key business processes; selecting suitable partners - not necessarily in the same industry, and carefully adapting identified best practices or approaches into the organisation.

What does a Productivity and Operational Improvement Program Do? 

  • Reduces the cost of internal operational processes

  • Focuses on waste reduction and increased labour efficiency

  • Provides indicators to monitor and control ongoing performance 

Staff Training and Development

Why is Training Considered Essential?

In today's fast business environment with international reach, continual learning and staff development is critical to your business's continued success.  If staff aren't keeping up with constant change and learning new things, the business is going to fall behind.  Employees are the ones that produce, refine, protect, deliver, sell, and manage a business's products or services every day.

The benefits of ongoing staff training are far-reaching.  Employees are integral to achieving business objectives and raising performance.  To do their jobs efficiently and effectively, staff need up-to-date skills and best practice methods.

Training ensures that people, from the top to the bottom of the organisation, are equipped to reach their full potential, and that there's a strong reservoir of talent to continue to grow the business.

Are you Getting the Best out of your People?

To facilitate an answer to this question, we ask you another question:

"Could I increase employee productivity by developing my business any of in the following areas?"

  • Clear Communication Systems (eg. Meeting Planning, Follow Up tracking of tasks, Business Performance Information)

  • Employee Motivation

  • Job Descriptions

  • Performance Appraisals

  • Training Needs Analysis

  • Staff Development and Training

  • Business Coaching

  • Mentoring

  • Administrative, Management or Personnel Records

If you have agreed with any of the statements above, EQAS will tangibly demonstrate how we can improve your circumstances, as we have for many other client organisations.

What Training Courses does EQAS Provide?

E.Q.A.S. (Aust) Pty Ltd provides a number of innovative and enjoyable training courses, designed to help you improve your business.  We cater for groups, small or large, and for individuals interested in increasing their skills in a particular area.

We are able to satisfy your training needs in the following areas:


  • Introduction to Quality Management Systems

  • Understanding & Developing Procedures and Work Instructions

  • Internal Auditing Skills

  • Completing and Implementing Inspection & Test Plans

  • Induction Training


  • Introducing Health & Safety in your Workplace

  • Responsible Officer Training

  • Introducing Health & Safety Committees

  • Safety System Audit Skills

  • Hazard Management

  • Risk Assessments

  • Occupational Health & Food Safety

  • OHS Legal Responsibilities

  • Fire Safety Training

  • Manual Handling

  • Working Safely at Heights



  • Introduction to Environmental Management Systems

  • Managing an Environmental System



  • Safe Food Handling

  • Understanding HACCP



  • Public Speaking

  • Meeting Skills

  • Time Management


EQAS can assist with Specific Training Needs 

Whether an organisation is seeking improved management skills in customer service or aims to boost its productivity through better training, EQAS can tailor an action plan to address your specific and unique needs.

Whatever level of training is required, our aim is that your key personnel increase their competency levels and become equipped to handle change and growth in the workplace and add value to your organisation. 

Subcontractor - Supplier Monitoring

Getting the best quality from your supplier

Do you have suppliers with an ISO9001 certificate yet they are still producing defective products?  EQAS can help you minimise your supplier problems by providing a source inspection service.

As an initial requirement we conduct final product inspection or random inspections.  We perform basic quality checks in accordance to sampling tables.  We look for deviations from specifications, safety requirements and functions.  Simple testing is sometimes a requirement.  This is OK for ad hoc and non-continuous production runs.  But if there is going to be continuous production, continuous introduction of new models, and if the supplier and buyer intends to develop a partnering relationship, EQAS likes to recommend the next most obvious step.  i.e we prefer to go beyond source inspection or supplier out-going quality control to quality assurance work during in-process production.  Here we can single out supplier problems during the production process, noting such things as workmanship and process problems.  We are able to identify certain specific quality defects and select some of them for specific quality improvement projects that involve a three-some involvement of supplier, buyer and EQAS.

Some suppliers need much help in the area, because they lack the high quality production staff, engineering personnel, and modern approach to manufacturing techniques.

What can EQAS do for your Supplier's Quality?

Managing your suppliers product quality is about managing risk at an acceptable price.  EQAS can provide you with a cost effective alternative that still achieves your quality target.

We provide quality support services such as:

  • Source inspection

  • Quality system and process audits

  • Quality engineering support

  • Inspection training


Our customers are companies which experience problems in getting suppliers to conform to their quality requirements.

We also provide assistance to the smaller suppliers which have achieved a high level of quality management and are ready to promote themselves to a wider group of international buyers.


EQAS can provide four levels of Supplier Quality Management


Level 1

Quality Control Inspectors provide source inspection and product quality verification at the supplier's facility.  They are able to perform basic line checks to ensure identified process controls are applied correctly.

Level 2

Quality Engineers provide in-process audit, root cause analysis, process improvement, and control.  They also provide direct feedback of what is happening at the supplier's premises.  Their capabilities include the coordination of a complete customer supplier management program.

Level 3

Quality Specialists perform full system audits to ISO9001 or similar standards.  They are able to handle customer - supplier conflicts and work with suppliers to resolve major quality issues.

Level 4

Quality Managers have hands-on experience in developing and implementing effective quality assurance systems and product certification programs.  They work with suppliers to overhaul existing systems to provide greater customer confidence in supplier capability.

Getting the best safety from your subcontractor

Do you have subcontractors who declare they have a safety system, yet are not always complying with safety requirements?  EQAS can help you minimise your subcontractor problems by providing an onsite inspection service.

As an initial requirement we conduct random safety inspections. We look for compliance with safety requirements.  If you intend going beyond simple inspections to the development of a compliance safety management system, we are able to identify certain specific safety management problem issues and resolve them using a three-some involvement of yourself, your subcontractor, and EQAS.

Some suppliers and subcontractors need much help in this area, because they lack the high calibre of safety management personnel skilled in the various areas of hazard management.

What can EQAS do for your Subcontractor's Safety Performance?

Managing your subcontractor's safety is about managing risk at an acceptable price.  EQAS can provide you with a cost effective alternative that still achieves your required safety outcomes.

We provide safety support services such as:

  • Workplace safety inspections

  • Safety management  system and process audits

  • Safety engineering support

  • Audit and inspection training


Our customers are companies which experience problems in getting suppliers and contractors to fully conform to their safety requirements.

We also provide assistance to the smaller businesses which have achieved a high level of safety management and are ready to promote themselves to a wider group of corporate clients.

Benefits of Subcontractor - Supplier Monitoring

  • Provides onsite monitoring of quality, safety and environmental contractual requirements to minimise the risk of subcontractor or supplier problems

  • Highlights subcontractor or supplier management system non compliant issues, and provides improvement solutions

  • Develops the partnering relationship between buyer and subcontractor or supplier, to increase capability.

Tender Preparation Assistance

It is amlost impossible to ask your prospective client to go looking for the information they have requested; just lay it all out in an orderly manner so it’s easy to find.

There are no secrets in submitting a high quality tender to maximise your chance of winning or being appointed as a preferred supplier. It is simply a matter of doing your homework, understanding the scope of requirements and what qualifications are needed, getting your price right (estimate your costs carefully, add a suitable margin, and state clearly what’s included or excluded), and presenting your business to the prospective client in a state of preparedness.


Get professional help if needed

You may not have the time and people to prepare the tender submission. If that’s the case, get someone outside to help. Several of our clients have asked us at EQAS to do this, and find it relatively efficient, particularly if we already know the business through any Health, Safety, Environment and Quality (HSEQ) work we may have done for them. That’s because HSEQ continues to be a big part of most tender requirements.


It’s no secret then that tenderers who have done their homework, read the tender requirements, and demonstrated their understanding and capability effectively, will be the only ones of real interest to those issuing the RFT.