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Quality Assurance


Quality Assurance Management Systems - QA


ISO 9001: 2015 Complied Management System


Product Compliance - Local or Export

QA ISO 9001: 2015

Quality Assurance Management Systems

Why have a WHS/OHS Management System?

We can provide you with a certified Quality Assurance System that will develop continuous improvements to your operation and introduce gains in efficiency and productivity.

Our quality assurance programs are based on the implementation of systems and procedures that not only control your products and services, but the way you run your business. Our emphasis is on common-sense business practice and effective management of all your key activities.

What are the Benefits?

The benefits provided by EQAS in undertaking the development and certification of your quality system include:

  • Introduces systems and procedures that lead to improvements in business efficiency, people skills and profitability

  • Monitors the quality of products and services to ensure it meets customer requirements

  • Identifies you as a professionally operated company

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  • Provides the marketing advantage of being certified to the international ISO 9001: 2015 standard, HACCP certification programs, or industry specific accreditation schemes

  • Enables participation in government sponsored areas such as health and community care, aged care, child care and disability services

  • The Quality Assurance system will monitor the quality of your goods and services to ensure it meets your customers' requirements.

  • The Quality Assurance system will improve morale among your people by streamlining procedures and developing standard company practice.

  • We make sure that the application of a Quality Assurance system to your organisation is kept as simple as possible and unnecessary paperwork is eliminated.

  • We make sure that the procedures and work instructions documented within your Quality Assurance system belong to your employees. It is critical that they take ownership.

We do most of the work for you, or we can facilitate and train you on how to develop your own system. We will advise you on your best options.


Product Compliance

EQAS provide a service to assist in the implementation, documentation, and maintenance of programs and systems to assure the compliance of your product!

Product compliance covers all types of products and requirements including safety, function, acceptable failure rate, and recycling, and there are a large number of world standards and legislative requirements that might apply, depending on your market location. Products that are often the subject of international standards might include:

  • Industrial Control equipment

  • Radio and Telecommunication equipment

  • Information Technology equipment

  • Medical Devices

  • Measurement and Laboratory equipment

  • Household equipment

  • Power equipment

EQAS can project manage the complete planning and execution of your Product Compliance Program, or provide specific assistance that may include:

  • Technical Consulting

  • Type Testing facilitation

  • Product Risk assessments

  • Technical Documentation and Manuals

  • Quality Assurance systems and Inspection and Test plans

  • Preparation and submission of approval applications and compliance files

  • Conformity Declarations

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