Work Health and Safety (WHS/OHS)

Work Health & Safety Management Systems - OHSMS & AS 4801

Why have a WHS/OHS Management System?

The implementation of a formalised and structured occupational health, safety, and welfare system assisted by EQAS will provide a framework for making your workplace a safe and healthy place. The system will not only help you comply with all related legislative requirements, but will develop continuous improvements to your operation by reducing the frequency of illness and injuries and the costs associated with loss of productivity. A systematic approach to safety is better than just letting it happen, and...........

  • Introduces workplace safety systems and procedures that help achieve a safe and healthy workplace

  • Enables compliance with the necessary legislative requirements

  • Reduces costs associated with workplace injury and illness

  • Ensure health and safety obligations are managed in an orderly fashion

  • Enables certification to specific WHS/OHS accreditation requirements such as Australian Standard AS4801, Australian Government Building and Construction WHS/OHS Accreditation Scheme, or "Work Cover Exempt Employer" standards

How does EQAS help?

  • We will evaluate and report on your current safety system 

  • We will facilitate the establishment and development of an organisation's safety program steering committee, and train members in its operation

  • We will provide safety system awareness training for all selected employees

  • We will develop and write your safety manual in consultation with your people, including policies and procedures in accordance with the Work Health and Safety (WHS/OHS) legislative requirements

  • We will provide a structured safety auditor training program to enable selected employees to identify, assess, and control hazards

  • We make sure that safety procedures and work instructions are readily understood and accepted by staff

  • We assist you to comply with necessary legislative requirements, or any safety accreditation you choose to subscribe to, or any customer pre-qualification safety requirement.

Our training and implementation program tells everyone in your organisation what their responsibilities are, and ensures that your health and safety obligations are managed in an orderly fashion. A Work Health and Safety (WHS/OHS) System is a basic and essential part of good management practice, and is much more effective than just letting it happen!

If you already have a system, what can we do?

  • Undertake Workplace Safety Inspections and report to you the outcomes.

  • Provide hazard assessment and job safety analysis.

  • Conduct WHS/OHS System and legal compliance audits.

  • Assist and train your WHS/OHS Coordinator to be more effective.

  • Improve your Safety Committee processes.

Safety Audit & Workplace Risk Assessment

EQAS are risk management specialists providing audit of Work Health and Safety Management Systems (WHSMS/OHSMS), risk assessment of your workplace. Assistance is available for:

  • Workplace safety inspections and reports (are your facilities and infrastructure safe?)

  • Safety Management System audits (are your people complying with your procedures?)

  • Legal Compliance audits (are you complying with legislation?)

  • On-site Subcontractor Safety Management, Inspection and Audit (Are subcontractors always complying with safety requirements?)

  • Job Safety Analysis including:

    • hazard identification

    • risk assessment

    • determining control measures

  • Plant and Equipment risk assessment

  • Safety engineering support

  • Manual Handling risk assessment

  • Safe Operating Procedure Development

  • Safety Committee meeting facilitation

  • Safety performance improvement

  • Risk Identification & Safety Training

  • Safety management of suppliers and contractors

  • Risk Management Software implementation

  • Training, mentoring and coaching

  • Online safety learning management system

With poor work health and safety (WHS/OHS) performance costing many businesses dearly in human suffering, dollars, reduced productivity, and inability to deliver to the market place at full potential, keeping your workplace hazard free is clearly an important investment.

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