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  • QA/OHS/EMS system managment

  • Automatic reports and reminders

  • Flexible access via a PC, laptop, tablet, or iPad

  • Robust and reliable industry-standard database

Qudos 3 Risk Management Software

What does "Qudos3" do?

Qudos3 is an integrated compliance, competency and risk management software platform, that serves as a diverse workflow management tool suitable for all areas of compliance management, and is easily tailored to the specific needs of organisations to assist with:

  • Ensuring your management system documentation is adequately controlled, including approval and version control, and provision of online access to staff.

  • Keeping track of mandatory expirations including:

    • Workers' licences and qualifications

    • Internal audit and inspection schedules

    • Outstanding action items from reports, meetings and reviews

  • Keeping track of 'Incident', 'Hazard', or 'Quality' reports, Corrective Actions and the effective close out of any such issues.

  • Keeping track of 'Checks', 'Drills', 'Inspections' and 'Audits', ensuring they are formally scheduled, assigned, reported, recorded, and resulting issues effectively closed out.

  • Managing your plant and equipment, and undertaking asset management reviews, reporting and recording.

  • Keeping track of 'Checks', 'Drills', 'Inspections' and 'Audits', ensuring they are formally scheduled, assigned, reported, recorded, and resulting issues effectively closed out

  • Making sure all actions and tasks within your business, including those resulting from the various meetings held across all levels and departments of the organisation, are actually followed through and completed.


What are the benefits of the "Qudos3" software?

  • Reduce your QSE compliance costs.

  • Maintain up to date QSE system information.

  • Access and share QSE information while on the move.

  • It helps you run your QSE system and not just store it.

  • Easy access to QSE compliance evidence.

  • All of your QSE system management activities are integrated.

  • Addresses all your QSE compliance topics:

    • ISO 9001 Quality Management

    • ISO 45001 OHS Management

    • ISO 14001 Environmental Management

    • ISO 27001 Information Security Management

    • ISO 22301 Business continuity

    • NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme)

    • + many other accreditation / regulatory requirements

  • Suitable for any type of organisation.

  • Increase your QSE system returns.

  • Flexible technology options to suit your needs.

  • Help as you need it.

EQAS provides the demonstration of the software.


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