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Subcontractor Safety Management

Getting the best from your subcontractor

Do you have subcontractors who declare they have a safety system, yet are not always complying with safety requirements? EQAS can help you minimise your subcontractor problems by providing an onsite inspection service.

As an initial requirement we conduct random safety inspections. We look for compliance with safety requirements. If you intend going beyond simple inspections to the development of a compliance safety management system, we are able to identify certain specific safety management problem issues and resolve them using a three-some involvement of yourself, your subcontractor, and EQAS.

Some suppliers and subcontractors need much help in this area, because they lack the high calibre of safety management personnel skilled in the various areas of hazard management.

Managing your subcontractor’s safety is about managing risk at an acceptable price. EQAS can provide you with a cost effective alternative that still achieves your required safety outcomes.

We provide safety support services such as:

  • Workplace safety inspections

  • Safety management system and process audits

  • Safety engineering support

  • Audit and inspection training

Our customers are companies which experience problems in getting suppliers and contractors to fully conform to their safety requirements.

We also provide assistance to the smaller businesses which have achieved a high level of safety management and are ready to promote themselves to a wider group of corporate clients.

Call EQAS on (08) 8338 2771 to help you get the best from your subcontractor or supplier.

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