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Supplier / Contractor Management

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

Getting the best from your contractor or supplier

Do you have contractors or suppliers that are sometimes providing poor workmanship, defective products and services or creating unacceptable health and safety risks? EQAS can help you minimise your contractor or supplier problems by providing an audit and inspection service.

As an initial requirement we conduct random product, workmanship or safety compliance inspections. We perform basic quality, safety or environmental checks in accordance with sampling and audit techniques. We look for deviations from specifications, safety requirements, and functions. Simple testing is sometimes a requirement.

If the supplier and buyer intend to develop a partnering relationship, EQAS likes to recommend going beyond source inspection or contractor / supplier out-going “quality control” to “quality assurance” work during in-process product, service and installation delivery. Here we can single out contractor / supplier problems during the manufacturing, construction or installation process, noting such things as workmanship, safety, environmental and process compliance problems. We are able to identify specific quality, safety and environmental issues and target them for specific improvement actions that involve a three-some involvement of your organisation, your contractor / supplier, and EQAS.

Some contractors / suppliers need help in this area, because they may lack experienced high quality technical staff, engineering personnel, risk management professionals or the required systems process approach to manufacturing, construction, and installation risk minimisation techniques.

Managing your contractors’ and suppliers’ product, workmanship and service quality is about managing risk at an acceptable price. EQAS can provide you with a cost effective alternative that still achieves your quality target.

We provide quality support services such as:

  • On-site source inspection and workmanship audits

  • Quality, Safety and Environmental system and process audits

  • Risk management, engineering and technical support

  • Inspection and audit training

  • Contractor / Supplier safety performance monitoring

  • Development of project specific quality, safety or environmental management plans

  • OHS Consulting

Our customers are organisations which experience problems in getting contractors and suppliers to conform to their quality, safety, environmental pre-qualification or contractual requirements.

We also provide assistance to the smaller contractors / suppliers which have achieved a reasonable level of quality, safety or environmental management and are ready to upgrade and promote themselves to a wider group of local, interstate, or overseas customers.

EQAS provide services at four skill levels to handle the complexity of Contractor / Supplier Quality, Safety or Environmental Management.

Level 1

Inspectors provide source inspection and workmanship or product quality verification and specification compliance at the supply facility or installation site. They are able to perform basic checks to ensure identified process controls are applied correctly.

Level 2

Technical consultants provide in-process audit, root cause analysis, process improvement, and control. They also provide direct feedback of what is happening at the supply, construction or installation site. Their capabilities include the coordination of a complete customer-supplier management program.

Level 3

Management system specialists perform full system audits to ISO 9001, AS4801, OFSC, ISO 14001, HACCP, or any contract specific management system compliance requirements or similar standards. They are able to handle customer – supplier/contractor conflicts and work with suppliers or contractors to resolve major quality, health, safety or environmental issues.

Level 4

Risk management consultants are provided with hands-on experience in developing and implementing effective quality assurance systems, safety or environmental management systems and product certification programs. They work with suppliers and contractors to overhaul existing systems to provide greater customer confidence in supplier and contractor capability.

Call EQAS on (08) 8338 2771 to help you get the best from your supplier or contractor so that your customers get the best from your business!

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