• Greg Francis, Principle Consultant

Being Safe makes good business sense!

There is strong evidence that businesses who manage their risks well, including their health and safety risks, perform better financially.

National Safe Work Month 2015 reminds us about the reasons why workplace health and safety is important.

Be safe. Be healthy. Because…it makes good business sense.

Why good business sense?

  • Clients want confidence you are not risky to deal with.

  • You want confidence you're not breaking the law

  • You don't want your people hurt

  • Unnecessary business interruptions can be costly

So a focus on health and safety in your workplace will help your business!

EQAS can assist you to:

  • identify and control hazards in the workplace

  • find better ways of doing your jobs

  • work more together to improve your workplace

  • increase your worker job satisfaction

  • improve your worker health and wellbeing, and

  • most importantly, ensure they all return home from work safely every day!

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