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  • Greg Francis, Principle Consultant

Did you know? - Food Safety and HACCP

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

There is a common misunderstand about the relationship between food safety and HACCP, as people often think HACCP accreditation = food safety.

HACCP actually stands for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points and is a risk assessment tool for management and staff to more efficiently assign resources to higher risk areas that may cause food safety concerns.

In Australia, all food producers have to meet the relevant State's food safety standards, while HACCP is generally a choice. If you are a small business owner who just started a new food business, to correctly interpret the legal requirements can be very overwhelming!

At EQAS, we look at both your HACCP plan and food safety standards and can provide you with professional assistance so you can be sure that the food you produce or the catering service you provide are safe for your customers!

Give us a call particularly during this food safety week and we will provide you with a FREE review of your current food safety management issues. This is our way to celebrate Food Safety Week!

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